We are a group of local visionaries having a dream of taking sindhudurg tourism and culture to a new level. KokanKala is one of the initiatives we are taking towards that goal.

KokanKala is content providing website about Sindhudurg District Tourism and online shopping of favorite Kokan Foods. We are trying to provide as accurate information as possible about tourist places in sindhudurg district. Many of these are well known but some of them are nearly forgotten. This information consist of Forts, Waterfalls, temples, beaches etc.

We are trying to embrace Kokan Tourism along with local culture. This cultural activity contains Folk Dances, Rituals, and Religious events.

Included in culture and tourism, Art and Food are highlights of Kokan.

Kokan Food has a specialty in Sea Foods or even has a delicious recipe famous around the world. Kokan has a unique environment and so is nature here. Kokan region produces some of the unique tastes including Alphonso Mango, Cashews, Kokam etc. And Kokani people have a developed an art of making delicious food items with some unique and own recipes, some of them have mastery in specific food items.

Here in KokanKala, we are also trying to deliver the unique taste of Kokan to your doorsteps. We will try and deliver the best of Sindhudurg to you.